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1. Cognitive Social Treatment
This particular method is used to differentiate between unfortunate and negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.
2. Dialectical Conduct Treatment
It's also an CBT method, and employs this method to boost social skills. It assists people to manage any stress or feelings, and also helps strengthen bonds with others.
3. Psychodynamic treatment
This method of treatment aids to increase your knowledge of the solitary thoughts and routines. In addition, it assists people to resolve conflicts and encourages the creation of new ideas.
4. Interpersonal Therapy
This particular therapy is designed to assist a person to improve their interpersonal skills. It concentrates on the current relationships you have with other people. Examples include things with families, partners, or even friends which require your attention.
5. Supportive Therapy

If someone finds it difficult to deal with stress or situations that can be difficult to manage then supportive therapy is the best option to go for or sexologist in Faridabad.